RICCIARINI COLLECTION's textiles are the result of an ongoing research process that takes into account industry trends, technical innovations and the market demands.

Starting from the world that surrounds us, we project our intuitions and visions into cutting-edge and contemporary products.


The RICCIARINI COLLECTION archive is the starting point of a unique inspirational process. The archive stores the company's historical heritage, that is fabrics featuring in our collections and intermediate materials used for the final products' research and development.

Thanks to a vast library on the global textiles history, we can rely on a limitless source of inspiration to share with designers and stylists from around the world.


The experimental juxtaposition of different textiles and fabrics together with the wise choice of finishes results in a unique and winning product range.

Thanks to the creativity skills of our team, we are able to provide innovative products that turn every new collection in upcoming bestseller.


The technical department boasts highly qualified and specialized staff

Expertise and know-how in the making of the prototype enable us to provide innovative, feasible solutions, turning into reality our creative team's ideas.

Final textiles are manufactured only after succeeding testing and trial procedures, in order to guarantee the premium quality and style exclusive to the RICCIARINI COLLECTION brand.

Our products

100% made-in-Italy production systems, innovation and style standards are guaranteed through a strict quality control process.

Customer care service provide our customers a qualified and accurate support throughout the entire manufacturing and sales process.